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Duncan's Run was run as a celebration of Duncan Orr's life and was Gippsland's first 100km trail run. The event attracted runners from all over the country to experience the unique Grand Strzelecki trail and Tarra-Bulga National Park. From 2013, 8 editions of the event were held, with 2022 announced as the final event to be organised by the original Duncan's Run committee. While the name 'Duncan's Run' will be retired for now, a new generation will still share the trails with a new event in 2023. 

Rob Preston is a founding member of the Duncan's Run Committee. Since 2013, Rob has been responsible for designing the numerous versions of the course. Rob will lead a new team to ensure you will still get to enjoy Tarra-Bulga and the hills of the Strzelecki Ranges of Gippsland, Victoria. 


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