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Mitchell River Trail Run Entrant Information


The 2018 Mitchell River Trail Run will be held on Sunday the 9th of December.

All races start and finish from the Echo Bend Camping Park, 345 Dunbars Road, Glenaladale.

● The 50km race will start at 7:30am (race briefing at 7:15am).

● The 22km race will start at 8:30am (race briefing at 8.15am).

● The 6km race starts at 9:00am (race briefing at 8.45am).

The briefings are MANDATORY. If runners do not attend this will result in disqualification.

Printed maps will be distributed to entrants of the 50km and 22km and 6km races upon registration at race HQ.


Closest main towns is Bairnsdale to get any essentials before making your way to Glenaladale.


There is a caravan park kiosk that will be able to provide drinks and snacks.


We are extremely lucky to be granted permission to run on these iconic walking tracks. The future approval of this race is dependent on the behaviour of runners this year. Please be conscious of this to help secure the future of this race. There will be other users on the track. You may encounter large organised groups of hikers or solo day trippers. At all times show courtesy to people you encounter along the course. We do not have exclusive rights to the trail.

Mitchell River Trail Run Entrant Information A -Z list

For any runners or spectators looking to travel to the area we can recommend the following local places of accommodation.

ECHO BEND CARAVAN PARK, 345 Dunbars Rd, Glenaladale. 25 powered sites, 60 unpowered sites

The weather should be great for camping and we will show some trail running movies on a big screen at Echo Bend on Saturday night.

Also more information about food options will be released soon.

Otherwise look for motels in Bairnsdale or Stratford.

Age Limits

Entrants must be 16 years of age or older unless otherwise specified for 22km & 50km events.

Children in the 6km event must be over 10 years of age.

If they are younger they are required to run with a parent or guardian.

Aid Stations

Water, Sport drinks & lollies and fruit will be provided at the Billy Goat Bend checkpoint (13km, 40km)

Water will be available at all checkpoints throughout the course.



The ambulance is not a free service in Victoria, and it is also not covered by this run’s insurance. You should ensure you have ambulance cover either by joining or through your health fund. If you are not a subscriber it is important to check with your health insurer or consider joining or taking out travel insurance to ensure you have coverage.

The run has public liability insurance but this does not cover individual runners in the event they suffer an injury. It is the runner’s responsibility to have their own accident and ambulance cover. If race organisers think you need an ambulance we will call it regardless of whether you have ambulance cover or not and you will be responsible for any costs.

Cancellation of event or entries

There is always a possibility of a forced cancellation of the race at short notice. The event may be abandoned even after the race has started if circumstances develop necessitating cancellation. In the event of cancellation of the run due to fire, extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances, attempts will be made to notify entrants as soon as possible. There will be no refund of entry fees if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the race date, and no responsibility is taken by the organisers for lost travel or accommodation expenses.

Cancellation of an entry or entries by either party will not result in any refund except where the event organisers deem appropriate.

Car Parking

Spaces for car parking are limited and we encourage carpooling where possible. Please follow the published instructions for details on how to enter and exit the Echo Bend Camping Ground and follow instructions from officials.

Changing between Event/Distance

There is opportunity to change between events but at the discretion of the Race Director. If you need to change into a different distance for whatever reason please contact the Race Director as soon as possible, leaving it to the last minute may end in you having to withdraw from the event. Contact: Race Director -

Clothing and Equipment- Mandatory for 50 and 22km

To be carried at all times (mandatory gear) and will be checked prior to race briefing. No gear, no start.

● Capacity to carry at least 1 litre of water

● Mobile phone (recommended Telstra 4G)

● Emergency contact details list (on race bib)

● Map of course/area (provided at registration)

● Waterproof map case

● Whistle

● Race bib to be worn on your front, attached to the outermost garment at all times. (provided at registration)

● First Aid Kit (minimum contents 2 x crepe bandages, 6 x wound closure strips, 1 x triangular bandage, 2 x non stick wound dressing pads and a pair of surgical gloves)

● Space/Emergency blanket


Additional Mandatory Gear in Poor Weather If the weather is poor you will be required to carry the following additional items. Please make sure you bring them at gear check.

● Good quality waterproof jacket with hood (water resistant is not adequate, must be taped/sealed seams)

● Long sleeve thermal top (can be part of worn clothes)

● Emergency food (at least 2 muesli bars or 200g chocolate, or equivalent)

● NOTE: The decision about this equipment will be made on the day.

Recommended additional equipment (not mandatory):

● A light beanie/buff

● Sunscreen

● Blister repair kit

● Hat


Check out full and up to date details here.


Aid stations will have water available which you can refill your bottles, hydration packs at these points. There will be biodegradeable cups supplied at the Billy Goat Bend checkpoint only as part of the aid station. These are to be used and disposed of at checkpoint only.

Cut-Off Times

Cut-offs will be applied for the 50km event only. These times will be printed on your race bib.  Cut-offs will be strictly enforced and any runner not able to leave a checkpoint before the designated cut-off time will be removed from the race. The following cut-off times apply for entrants in 50km event only: 4.5hrs (12pm) 27km at Angusvale turn around point, 6.5hrs (2.00pm) at Billy Goat Bend at 40km.


This is a serious trail run and runner safety is paramount. While the course is often not far from the road, there are some sections with poor access for emergency vehicles. If you injure yourself, it may be some time before assistance can reach you so you need to be prepared.


There is a long way between checkpoints and there are very few freshwater streams in between. Runners cannot rely on these and should carry a minimum of 2 litres of water when leaving the checkpoint each time.

Emergency Evacuation (Mass)

There are not many roads in and out of Mitchell River National Park so please be aware of the main roads to enter and exit the area in case an emergency evacuation is required. In an emergency the Echo Bend Caravan Park will be used as first point to gather if possible.

Entry Fees

Individual 50km Adult = $89

Individual 22km Adult = $66

Individual 6km Child = $5

Individual 6km Adult = $20

Getting Lost

The course will be well marked, but fatigued runners tend to develop tunnel vision. Keep your wits about you and keep an eye out for course markings. Familiarise yourself with the course maps beforehand, this could save you a lot of time on the day. Bring a mobile phone on the Telstra network so you can contact others. If you are a GPS wearer learn how it use its features and learn how to retrace your steps using the map facility.


The event will be postponed if the day is a Code Red fire warning.

First Aid Providers:

The race director can be called at any point if you are involved with or hear of any incident on the course that needs our attention. These numbers will provided to you on the day of the event. If you encounter another runner who is sick or injured you are required to render assistance. A mobile phone must be carried (including  6k participants). The emergency number if your network does not have coverage is 112 (this is like dialling 000 but only if there is coverage for another network).


Maintaining proper fluid and calorie intake and electrolyte balance is a personal responsibility, and runners should already be competent in this area. Since the event is being held in early summer it will be important for runners to be extra careful as they may not have raced in warm conditions recently.

iPods/MP3 Players/Music

While iPods and MP3 players are allowed in this race, it is imperative that they are not used on road sections of the course. This is a significant safety issue. Also, courtesy dictates that they should be off in checkpoints so that you can hear volunteers and organisers giving directions.

Mandatory Gear

Please see: Clothing and Equipment


All 50km, 22km and 6km competitors will receive a medal included in their race entry. 


Runners should take any required medication with them for the race. Any medical conditions, illnesses or allergies should be stated when registering, and will be printed on your race bib along with Emergency Contact details.

Phone Coverage

A mobile phone must be carried. The emergency number if your network does not have coverage is 112 (this is like dialling 000 but only if there is coverage for another network). Telstra 4G recommended. Phone coverage is poor for most of the 22 and 50km courses and race officials will be using a combination of mobile phone, satellite phone and radios for communication. If you have an emergency either continue to the closest checkpoint or send another competitor to pass on the message.

Podium Prizes

Eligibility for any prize is dependent on the competitor completing the approved course in accordance with these rules and conditions

Race Numbers

Each competitor must wear the official chest bib on his/her front such that the allotted number can be seen for the duration of the run. Runners numbers will be supplied at check in. These must be worn and clearly visible at all times. Race bibs are also required for timing system.


No refunds are given for this event. You will be given a credit to participate in a future events. Entries are transferable to other runners with the approval of Race Director.

Roads and Traffic

When runners are running on roads, or crossing the roads, runners must give way to all traffic and follow designated signage. Where there is marshalling any direction MUST be adhered to.


Breach of any rules described in this document can lead to disqualification. The Race Director has the discretionary authority to prevent any competitor from starting (even after successful entry) or continuing if the runner or crew are deemed to have breached the Race Rules or it is considered the runner will be at risk for whatever reason.


Runners must not drop litter of any sort on the course. Any disposable item taken from the checkpoint or food points must be carrier to the next. Any runner or crew found littering will result in the runner being disqualified.


Snakes are always present in the bush. Ensure you are aware of the correct way to handle a snake bite if it occurs. The following is advisory information: Do NOT wash the area of the bite. It is extremely important to retain traces of venom for use with venom identification kits. Stop lymphatic spread - bandage firmly, splint and immobilise. The pressure-immobilisation approach is simple, safe and will not cause tissue damage (ie, from incision, injection, freezing or arterial tourniquets - all of which are ineffective). Ring for emergency help. If you do not have phone reception then wait until the next runner arrives and ask them to continue to the next Checkpoint to get help. All Checkpoints will have communication with Race Director and Emergency Services and also have first aid training.

Special needs

50km competitors are permitted to submit a special needs bag containing nutritional items that can be accessed at the 27km turnaround point at Angusvale.


We encourage you to bring spectators to encourage you as you run the course and enter the checkpoints! There will be opportunity along the course where your supporters will be able to cheer you on outside of the checkpoints to boost your motivation and spirit on those tough climbs! As we know every bit of encouragement helps!! Please ensure spectators take care when driving on small roads and be aware of oncoming traffic.

Start Times
  • The 50km race will start at 7:30am (race briefing at 7:15am).

  • The 22km race will start at 8:30 (race briefing at 8.15am).

  • The 6km race starts at 9.00am (race briefing at 8.45am).

Support Crew

is not necessary nor permitted for this event. Please carry your own gear and do not accept anything other than compliments from spectators


Sweepers will be deployed onto the course with the aim of ensuring there's no one left on the course unaccounted for. If you leave the trail at any time, please leave your pack in the middle of the trail so the sweeper doesn't go past you.

Timing Chips

The timing chips are attached to the race bib, please ensure you have the bib visible at all times on the front of your body.


There are toilets at the Echo Bend (Start/finish). Please use them. Also there are toilets at Billy Goat Bend (14km, for 21km race, 14km and 40km for 50km race) and at Angusvale (27km into 50km course). Where this is not possible it is important to follow standard bushwalking etiquette: please go well of the trail (leaving your pack so that the sweeper does not go past you) and scrape a hole sufficient to allow you to bury your waste. Do not go within 25m of any watercourse.

Trail Marking

Course will be marked with Orange survey tape and signs. Signs will be different colours for each distance and only placed at important junctions.

Transfers of Entries

Entries are transferable to other races at discretion of Race Director, or Credit can be given for future events

Trekking Poles

are allowed.


If you'd like to volunteer for the event we'd like to have you. On-the-day volunteers are most needed! We will give you detailed instructions for what would be required of you on the day and whatever training you would need to undertake the task. All volunteers will receive food for the day, some special goodies and our gratitude!


Yes you can walk in a trail run. Just remember, walk on left, run on right. Allow others to pass. To finish within cutoffs most people will need to jog significant sections of the course unless they are proficient power walkers. The same cutoffs apply to all entrants.


Pre Race Withdrawals: For a pre-race withdrawal send an email to hello @ and request to be withdrawn. Details of refunds are located under the Refund section.

During the Race: A runner can withdraw from the race at any checkpoint. It is important to notify the nearest official of your intent to withdraw. Unless the runner has support crew, it may be necessary to wait for the last runner to come through before a ride can be arranged to the start/finish. If you withdraw and do not notify organisers a search may be instituted and you will be responsible for this.

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